Ellie Grace Photography | 2016: A New Year, not a new me.

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A New Year, not a new me.

So why is this you ask?

Well of course I'm going to be healthier, this is just a result of packing in 3 months worth of Sunday Dinners and chocolates into just 3 days. I might even promise to be a lot more careful with money, but I've already attacked the online sales.

​So you know what? I'm not going to be a new me this year.

I am me.

Yes I'll probably evolve, I'll make some mistakes and learn from them, I'll grow both as a business and a person and I'll probably change my life in some way. But there's no way that I'll be a new me.

My style of photography is me.

My personality is me.

The way I run my business is me.

How I edit photos is me.

My approach to photography is me.

I am me.

People book me for me, so there just is no way that I would change this.

I do have some small business plans up my sleeve but this is just to improve the small things, like my website, the boring financial stuff and so on. I'm even going to treat myself to some new lenses.

I like that when you look at anything to do with Ellie Grace Photography you know that you are seeing and getting ME!

​So yes, I'm going to shed a few pounds and hire an accountant and hopefully gain some of those other types of pounds.


Images by the lovely Shelley Richmond Photography


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