Why my Instagram isn't perfect | Confessions of a Sheffield wedding photographer

January 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


There are so many different platforms out there for people to display and share their images, thoughts, feelings, their whole lives! There's Smugmug, Picasa, Flickr, honestly this list could go on, but not forgetting the most popular; Instagram.


Some people's Instagram accounts are to die for. For example still_______ has one of the most aesthetically pleasing accounts with tones of soft pinks, greens, greys and whites. Just looking at their images and how perfectly they all sit together is enough to bring out the green eyed monster. Honestly, I could have that on my account but I just don't want to.


It's not me!

And it would be boring.

I tried to have a personal account and a business account and it lasted 3 days before I got bored and had to delete the business one. My business is my life and my life is my business. I have nothing to hide in my personal life so why do I need to have a "perfect" Instagram account.

If I want to share a photo of my night out then I will. I'm not sharing it for anyone else, I'm sharing it for me. 

​Of course when I share wedding images that is to showcase my work but I want people to hire me for my work AND my personality. What better way to express my personality than through the medium of storytelling with pictures.

Instagram is the perfect place for me to post photos of my life for both me and my friends and to also post photos of my work for everyone to see.

So that's why I don't have a "perfect" Instagram account. Not because it's not achievable but because it's not me. People want to see who you are, so why not let them?

See for yourselves.


Plus it's a great place for me to put all my selfies with dogs.



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