Laura & Richard | Cat ears, leopard print, beer and a ball pool at Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield

February 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

I've know Laura for a couple of years having met her through the world of photography and then later I joined the WI that she was a part of and got to know her a lot better.

As SOON as she announced her engagement I sat for a few of days waiting patiently to see if she would ask me to be her photographer AND SHE DID! Yay!

I was understandably excited as not only was I going to photograph a friends wedding, but I just knew the day would be filled with all things awesome.

And it was.

She wore leopard print, wore some cat ears, wore cat shoes and strolled around with a handmade pink and black bouquet. Genius! Richard also went against all things traditional with a lovely red suit, some trainers and a matching wooly hat.

I basically had the best day ever so I can't imagine how good the day was to Laura and Richard. The music choice was a complete blast from my Emo past, the best woman speech started with a quote from Avirl Lavignes 'Sk8r Boi' and instead of cake they had a heck of a lot of pie.

If you wanted traditional this was not the place.

I laughed so much throughout the day and continued to laugh when editing these images. To me that is the sign of a great day.

Oh and the discovery of the soft play area was pretty much the best thing ever.

CONGRATULATIONS Laura and Richard, thank you so much for sharing your super fun (and emotional) day with me.


Venue // Kelham Island Museum

Hair Dressers // Purdy's

Dress // Viviene of Holloway

Cat Ears // Imogen's Imagination

Cat Shoes // Tuk Shoes



Sarah w(non-registered)
This is the GREATEST thing i have ever seen!!
You have captured the day perfectly xxxxx
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