Charlie & Chris | Fun Urban DIY Wedding at Yellow Arches with Robots and Flamingos

January 16, 2017  •  1 Comment


Charlie and Chris basically had my dream wedding, I was in absolute heaven. You know what made it even more wonderful? The people. Everyone was SO NICE! Plus Charlie just looked so unbelievably beautiful, bride of my dreams.


They had their ceremony on stage at Yellow Arches surrounded by flamingoes and robots, led by Charlies brother who was dressed absolutely fantastically. The speeches were beautiful, I cried twice, and after feeding people incredibly well with ice cream and Mexican, they ended with a cracking party. 


I honestly loved this wedding so much, it just had Charlie and Chris written all over it and to feel so welcomed into someone's day like I was, it just made me very happy.



Amazing work you did! Congrats!
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