It’s always really nice to hear what you guys have to say about me and my photos. It always makes me blush so much! I can't take a compliment anyway, so compliments with my work is just so wonderful to hear.


Even a little thank you means a lot.

“We hired Ellie Grace to photograph our wedding weekend and working with her has been so lovely, I have enjoyed every second! The photos are incredibly beautiful and all we could have hoped for! Ellie delivered a very professional service whilst putting us completely at ease, I have never felt so relaxed having my picture taken. I will be recommending Ellie Grace Photography to everyone I know and me and my husband could not be happier! Thank you so much Ellie!”

- Alice James


"Ellie you star!! The photos are amazing! You have captured every single moment, many of which I had missed. So many personal details and so many wonderful memories you have captured. We are over the moon with them and we are so glad we had you! I can't wait to show our families! I have spent 4 hours watching them on a slideshow crying my eyes out and reliving our wonderful day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Kala Hamilton-Roe


“I can honestly say I have only been to one wedding where not a single guest has mumbled, muttered or become slightly annoyed by the bossiness of the photographer…..MINE! Ellie was non intrusive throughout the day and gave firm but friendly direction on the obligatory group shots without giving orders. In fact it was a pleasure to have her there. She listened to our ideas with genuine enthusiasm and was met by equal enthusiasm from us when she suggested inventive ideas of her own. We were definitely in good hands. I cannot thank her enough for how she beautifully captured memories personal to us not just choreographed generic images.
I would recommend, (most highly) both Ellie’s photography skills and sunny disposition to anyone with the greatest of confidence.”

- Clare Pearson


“For us, what made Ellie’s work so unique that day was how beautifully – and sneakily! – she took candid photographs. She captured delicate, natural glimpses of family interactions; grandchildren splashing in the Peace Garden fountains, my step dad smiling quietly at his bride, my grandmother and I holding hands, all moments we would have otherwise missed. Ellie did navigate some equally lovely, traditional “staged” shots, which were of course necessary, and she did this in a gently coaxing, never bossy way. But it’s the organic photographs we will cherish the most. They encapsulate the day’s excitement. Ellie’s warmth made it feel as though you had your best pal as a wedding photographer. She blended in with our family, wasn’t invasive, which is what made the photos so charming and unorchestrated. My concern sometimes with wedding photography is how obviously posed and indulgent it can be, but Ellie’s work is real, sensitive, subtly edited with an acute, quirky attention to detail. There was not a fraction of the ceremony she didn’t document. I can wholeheartedly, absolutely recommend Ellie’s cheerfulness and creative expertise to your big day!”

- Jess Popeski


“Thank you for our photos they are AMAZING, we love them so much and cannot wait to show everyone. You captured the day perfectly and all the photos tell a story…some very funny ones. We literally couldn’t be happier with them, Thank you."

- Becky Bell