Becky + James | Newbold-on-Stour Church + Greenhill Gallery Warwickshire Wedding

Greenhill Gallery Warwickshire Wedding

One of my really good friends in Sheffield is originally from Newbold-On-Stour, Stratford Upon Avon. His best friend got engaged and when he was asked “do you know any wedding photographers?” his answer was actually “yes, yes I do!” So luckily for me I got to go on a little road trip down to Shakespeare land and photograph the lovely Becky and James’ wedding.

We started out in Cosy Cottage, which really was cosy with Becky, 8 bridesmaids, her mum, a teeny tiny baby and the hair and makeup ladies. I think it’s pretty evident from the photos how laid back and fun the morning was with all the girls and plenty of bubbles flowing. I know I say this about most weddings but the girls were so welcoming, I love mornings like this one where you genuinely feel like part of the party and I think it definitely adds to the atmosphere of the images.

The ceremony was held in yet another cosy venue in James’ home town, Newbold-on-Stour. When we did the confetti I don’t think I was prepared for the sheer amount of confetti that was thrown, it was like being in a confetti blizzard haha, I loved it! Then off we pootled in a nice vintage blue car (sorry stereotypical girl only noticing the colour) for some lovely shots of them both in a broadband field, who would have thought ey? Broad beans!

The rest of the day was held in the lovely Greenhill gallery which is attached to a big golf club, luckily no one needed to duck out of the way of any flying balls. I can happily say that this bunch of people I got to photograph all day are my favourite bunch of people to ever photograph, happy, friendly, relaxed, a little crazy of course and just incredibly welcoming. I think you’ll gather this overall feel by the photos.

Ellie Last