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2016 | The Moments

December 20, 2016  •  1 Comment


I can't believe it's that time of the year again!!


What a year it has been, I've been all over the country and shot in some of the most beautiful venues. You guys have put in some of the biggest efforts into your days it's just been incredible.


I literally cannot thank all of my 2016 couples enough for having me at their big days, I've had a complete blast and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all, please don't lose touch with me! I'm not going anywhere, okay well except maybe a few holidays.


I've decided to approach my 2016 round up a little differently this year and not include any of the details or portraits as you guys have seen all those. Those are all so so lovely to capture but I decided to show you my favourite behind the scenes moments. These photos are little things that have happened on peoples days that I have been able to capture.


They are tears, laughter, dances with gran, hugs with dad, the moments where dad walked you down the aisle even though he needs a wheelchair, the moments where dad has to do your tie, the moments where a group shot goes wrong but it's just great, the laughter between friends and family, the moment where something is revealed during a speech that you thought was buried and of course, more tears and laughter.


​​​​​​​If next year is anything like this year then I am literally the luckiest lady in the world. Thank you!


ALSO, as a cheeky little plug, if anyone would like to thank me, I've had some gifts which are so super lovely, please have a look at my Just Giving page and consider a gift of a donation as I'm doing a pretty big challenge in October next year for the MS Society and any donation is so greatly welcomed!




Oh my gosh Ellie what have you done to me I cried at this!! I'm so excited to have you as my photographer and these photos just capture so many emotions! Love it! Xx
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