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Those Dreaded Group Photos | Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

June 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So you're looking for your perfect wedding photographer, everyone has different needs for their day, you might be looking for someone who is going to do all posed photos and spend 2 hours doing your group photos, making sure everyone is stood in the "correct" place with equidistance between each person. If this is you I advise you step away from my website now, this is not me and most definitely not my style.

I'm a true natural photographer, working with natural light, dipping and diving around your wedding to get optimal natural shots. I am a ninja.

But let's face it, you NEED to get some group shots, even if it's just your mum that wants them, they need to happen. I've found that even with my style of photography it's totally achievable to steer away from that dreaded word "formal".

The top photo and the one below are what I would say are my more "formal" ones, but just LOOK how relaxed everyone is? I never put anyone in the "correct" order. I'll of course position the bride and groom as central as possible but aside from that I will just let you all sort yourselves out and stand where you want. These kinds of shots take about 30-45 seconds to do each (unless you're faffing) which just makes this process go super speedy and you can get back to having your fun!

Keep scrolling for more hints and tips.

Here we have a classic case of a stroppy child. You have 3 options here:

Firstly, you could get really annoyed that said child is not complying and we could spend lengthy amounts of time getting angry at said child because they are bored to death of standing and smiling. Children have a short attention span, you must remember this (so do I to be honest so remember this too).

Secondly, just let them go off and play somewhere! Do you really want your photos to have the face of a stroppy child who just does not want to be there? Trust me, it's the most peaceful option.

Thirdly, tickle them. Below is one of my favourite group shots, a simple tickle and we have stroppy child no more and quite frankly a perfect group photo and a realistic representation of these people.


Bridesmaids and groomsmen next. Are you seriously those kinds of friends who stand stiffly looking at a camera with no real personality? Nah didn't think so.


I have a few tricks up my sleeves to make you laugh, but honestly, you guys are much better at making each other laugh than I am.

Look at each other, make some jokes, talk about some hilarious event that happened on your hen/stag do, just do anything that will bring out the real side of you and your friends. We want natural right?

Oh and I draw the line at hands on hips. Not going to happen.




Background is not important so leave that bit up to me. I'm obsessed with walls and bushes, so I will be able to hunt one out that makes a great background.

Even in the one below, there may be a sign in the way of a "perfect" background but do you really care? It's definitely something to not stress about and to just trust your photographer to do their job and make sure your background is suitable.


Oh and you don't match? WHO CARES!



Group photos aren't just for humans, they're for all family and friends so if this means dogs then get your dogs involved.



and finally... HAVE FUN!

I'm actually in this one, I needed to be as it was a close friends wedding so I set up the camera and passed it to someone I trusted (the most sober person). We did a "normal" shot but then we relaxed a bit, maybe 3 of us tried to lunge, maybe we fell, maybe that happened, maybe it didn't.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this is my FAVOURITE photo of my group of friends, no you can't see 3 of our faces because we're on the floor but this is exactly how I see my friends and it's the most natural fun photo of us all and I will cherish this forever and so should you!



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