2017 | A Year Of Awesome Weddings by Ellie Grace Photography

2017, what a year!

It's been quite a bizarre year for me actually, I signed up 2 years ago to do a Great Wall of China Trek for The MS Society but it was only when it turned to 2017 that I actually thought, oh god, I'm actually going to China. Juggling weddings, fundraising and training has quite possibly resulted in this being one of my hardest years yet. It's definitely been an emotional year that has left me asking so many questions, but mainly asking, what next?

I'll tell you what's next, another awesome year filled with amazing weddings, more fundraising and more training. There is a long answer to this that quite possibly would result in a lot of tears, anxiety, copious amounts of cake and coffee. So if this sounds like your ideal afternoon then you know where I am!

Even though this has been the hardest year of my life, it's also been the greatest. If I take China and raising over £4000 for The MS Society out of the equation, it's been the greatest for my business too. I've taken my business to the next level, I've challenged myself, I've learnt so much and I've grown. Don't get me wrong though it's not been easy, I've made some mistakes, I've cried and I've had sleepless nights with anxiety.

However, I really wouldn't trade this job in, it really is the best job in the world. The weddings that I have had the absolute pleasure of photographing have been just amazing, I've met some truly beautiful humans along the way, and some that I would 100% consider friends now. It's so wonderful to have a job where I get to be a part of the best day of people's lives, to be able to capture all the incredible moments that happen on that day, capture the love, the happiness and most importantly, the fun!

Thank you to all my clients of 2017, thank you for your patience, your love, your support and thank you for having me! I have LOVED it!