Jess & Alex | Cute Spring Wedding at Yeldersley Hall with Sausage Dog

Sheffield Wedding Photographer Yeldersley Hall with Sausage Dog

I think if you spend just 10 seconds looking at these images you'll quickly see why I fell so in love with Jess and Alex on this day. Their happiness was literally radiating out of them all day. It was a super super relaxed day at Yeldersley Hall, which is BEAUTIFUL by the way, with luckily some lovely weather. I loved that there were "chefs" on each table for their relaxed dinner, basically everything was relaxed and fun which is exactly what Jess and Alex are about.

I must make a few points for you to take note when looking though the photos:

My "natural" way of creating blossom confetti.

The small blooper at the actual confetti moment.

The most beautiful bridesmaid dresses (well done girls, you did great there).

Alan the sausage dog. He was a nervous little sausage but looked the most dapper of dapper dogs in his little yellow bow tie.

The surprise visit from Rammie, who if you don't know is the Derby County mascot (no I didn't know either), who I think made Alex's day (don't tell Jess).

The best first dance photo series EVER where you can even see the moment the DJ says "hope you've got your dancing shoes on".