Megan + Matt | Windy Beach Wedding in Tadcaster, Norfolk

Beach Wedding Tadcaster

What a lovely surprise I had when I checked my inbox and I had a lovely email from a family member enquiring about my wedding photography. Megan had been proposed to and news had travelled through the family that I was at the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer. We were both living in Sheffield at the time but hadn't met up for years due to life getting in the way so it was a wonderful excuse to have a coffee, catch up and talk about the wedding. 

The ceremony was held at the church just down the road (a 30 second walk to be precise) from Megan's family home in Kings Lynne, it was so nice to catch up with family members in-between taking photos. Then it was off on a short car journey down to Tadcaster.

There was a worry that we wouldn't have enough time to go to the beach, but I stomped my foot and demanded it. I'm pretty certain my little strop paid off as our little trip to the beach was of course the best part. I absolutely love it when it's windy as I feel like it relaxes people and brings out the fun side to shooting a lot quicker than if there's no wind. 

I think you'll agree from the photos that our trip to the beach was worth it.

Ellie Last