Rosie + Malachy | Relaxed Autumnal Wedding at Shustoke Barn

Shustoke Barn Wedding

Rosie & Malachy had the most perfectly suited day for themselves possible, and so it should have been after the amount of planning that went into this day. I genuinely can't get over all the colours for this day, their video required absolutely no editing what so ever. You can check out the video below as well as the photos from this day.

There were a LOT of emotions throughout the whole day, many many a tear was shed, I think I even leaked a few myself, it was hard not to! The biggest thing that stood out was just how happy these 2 were and their guest for them. Oh and I must mention a particular guests dancing stood out quite a bit too.

It was an amazing day, so so pleased I was a part of it, loved every second of it.