Katy + Carl | A Wes Anderson Themed Engagement Shoot in Sheffield

Wes Anderson Themed Engagement Shoot Sheffield

Katy and Carl are both very good friends of mine, I have known Katy for years and I have also known how weird so is. Weirdness being the thing that made us bond in the first place. We have since then gone onto build our friendship but also bond over our love for dogs and Wes Anderson.

Their wedding is going to be Wes Anderson themed (YES!) so why not their couple shoot? So I was set the task of doing a Wes Anderson themed shoot around Sheffield but also making it still look like my work... Wes Ellieson? No? Okay.

Anyway, we had LOADS of fun visiting places in Sheffield that were very Wes including the beautiful bar Public, which basically is a Wes Anderson film in bar form, and my favourite pub Fagan's, which everyone goes to the outside for the Pete McKee graffiti, just forgetting how picture perfect the inside is.

I really can't wait for their wedding, it's going to be so beautiful watching these 2 little weirdos get married with a weirdo wedding. Considering my website is based on the incredible colour palette from The Grand Budapest Hotel, these photos match it perfectly!