Becca + Tom | Trafalgar Warehouse Summer Wedding, Sheffield

Sheffield Wedding Photographer Trafalgar Warehouse Inner City Weddings

Becca and Tom had a super bright colourful wedding in the middle of summer in the middle of Sheffield at Trafalgar Warehouse. My lovely pals at Inner City Weddings helped to orchestrate the wedding with the help from Moss and Clover to create the incredibly bright and beautiful flowers you see, including the lovely bridesmaid hoops!

In Sheffield it was the weekend of our lovely festival Tramlines so the city was already a hub of excitement and activities, this just added to the overall excitement of the day. They had their ceremony up at the lovely Fulwood Chapel and boy did they fill that chapel to the brim, it was lovely to see so many friends and family there to support these guys.

After a lovely ceremony it was off to Trafalgar Warehouse with a little pitstop around some of the side streets for some portraits. The speeches were brilliant, I loved them, and yes I see a lot of speeches so it take a lot to impress me but you can tell from some of the faces that the speeches were just great.

It was all in all a really lovely fun filled day and it’s so lovely looking back on such bright, colourful, happy photos, especially when it’s a bit grim outside.