Emma + Pat | Summer Shrigley Hall Wedding Cheshire

Shrigley Hall Wedding Cheshire

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh Emma + Pat, what a delightful pair of humans and what a delight it was to be a part of their day!

Months and months ago I second shot for another wedding photographer and Emma was there doing the video for it, we instantly hit off and she told Pat that she wanted to book me for their wedding. However I had to be veto’d first at another wedding I was photographer at and Pat was the videographer. Luckily for me I got the seal of approval and I was booked!

Their day was at the beautiful Shrigley Hall in Cheshire, I had pretty much just landed from my USA trip so was hugely jet lagged and not once did I think to myself that I was tired so in my eyes, that means it was an excellent wedding. There was even a guest appearance from their beautiful dog which is always a bonus in my eyes.

Once again with all my summer weddings I was totally spoiled with the most glorious Golden Hour light and it was just perfect to be able to escape from the wedding and go play with the most beautiful light! It really was a great day, thank you so much for having me Emma, Pat and friends!