Lucie + Scott | Middleton Lodge, North Yorkshire Winter Wedding

Middleton Lodge North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Winter weddings can be totally terrifying because of the lack of light, not this day! One day in December at Middleton Lodge, little old me was blessed with some incredibly beautiful winter light and a venue that was like an actual playground for a photographer. Seriously, Middleton Lodge is a stunning venue, there are so places places to go!

Scott is Australian so had a few of his Aussie family embers there and Lucie has lived in Australia for a few years so a few of their friends were there from Oz which was so lovely that that many people wanted to make the journey to England… in the WINTER may I just add. Which just proves how special Lucie and Scott are. I didn't really know these 2 very well prior to the day due to there being a vast amount of sea and land between us but boy am I glad they found me, we got on incredibly well and it was SUCH a great day. It was so laid back, exactly like Lucie and Scott, I don’t think it could have been more perfect for them.

I can’t wait for them to move home with their dog Alice so I can photograph the full family together. I really am a bit dog mad aren’t I?