2018 | A Round up

The Chimney House Sheffield Wedding

Can someone please explain to me why on earth it’s 2019? Whilst you’re explaining that, can you tell me where 2018 went? I would like answers and I would like answers now. Thanks.

But seriously, HOW has another year gone by? When I was putting this blog together I couldn’t believe that some of these weddings I did this year, but also some of them feel like they happened last week. Although, we know that’s not true because it’s absolutely freezing and we had such a gloriously beautiful summer. I tend to say in my meetings that if we are blessed with a beautiful sunset we’ll go out for some photos, but we really were not short of those gorgeous evenings skies. I even got some mega winter light to play with!

I’m not going to list every wedding that I happened because absolutely every wedding was lovely in their own little way. This year I got to photograph a bride and groom zip lining into their wedding reception which was just perfect, there were some dogs however I think there could have been more so take note future couples please. I got to witness some EPIC dance moves at just so many of the weddings, I jetted off to Italy to shoot my first destination wedding and it was better than I could have ever imagined, although very hot. I know, surprising right? I had one of the best couples sessions to date in New York with my pals and had a stunning tour of Brooklyn Heights whilst I was doing so. I also got to witness an actual engagement, it was absolutely amazing and if anyone see’s this thinking they want to do the same PLEASE do not hesitate, I have the perfect plan in place now.

I’ve had an AMAZING year, I feel incredibly blessed to have had such a great year, meeting some amazing human beings, getting to spend the day with friends on the best day of their lives and just getting to create art and memories on a weekly basis. It’s a privilege.

2019 is set to be a quieter year for me, I have some news, I’m finally adopting the son I’ve always dreamed of and yes it’s a puppy! The new canine addition to the family will be coming home in March so I can spend some quality family time with him whilst still putting 100% into Ellie Grace Photography and making sure each and every wedding is one to remember. I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you can keep up with everything I do, including when little Luther comes home and no doubt causes complete havoc.