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I’m getting my very own furry companion in 2 weeks, after being an auntie to dogs for TOO many years, it’s about time I became a mother. All this recent talk about dogs reminded me about a blog I wrote about dogs at weddings a couple of years ago so I thought it was about time I revived the blog. Weddings are a time for family and friends, and you know what? Dogs are family so why can't they be a part of your day too?

Everyone knows that I am a crazy dog lady, if you don't know, you will within 27 seconds of meeting me. So when I get couples that want to involved their canine family in their wedding, I obviously jump at this and of course warn them that there might be more photos of the dog than of them, they're okay with this.

It's easy to involve your dog, you can convince a family member to be in charge of them or you can get in contact with a local dog walker and see if they will drop them off and pick them up again. Usually the dogs are the ring bearers, you'll still need your best man to hand them over, dogs aren't quite there with opposable thumbs yet.

Basically dogs are wonderful and if you have one you should definitely bring them along to your day. I will convince you if you're on the fence and I have many contacts and ideas to help you out, I’ve even had a couple of the dogs ride with me in my car from venue to venue! If you’re having yours, have a word with your florist as they will probably be more than delighted to help out with something floral, looking through these photos Campbell’s Flowers features pretty heavily!

Failing that, we could always just go and find some HUGE dog themed graffiti?

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