Amanda + Eoin | A Cute + Intimate Kitsch Wedding at The Chimney House in Kelham Island, Sheffield

The Chimney House The Mowbray Kelham Island Sheffield Wedding Photographer Swallows and Damsons

What is not to love about this wedding? Dogs. CHECK. Pink suit. CHECK. Beautiful bride. CHECK. Stunning venue. CHECK. Flowers to swoon over. CHECK. Perfect location. CHECK. So yeah, I guess we can say it was the perfect wedding yeah? Good, glad we can agree on that.

So once again I was back at one of my favourite venues is Sheffield. I love The Chimney House, every time I go it feels different, and for such an intimate venue that’s a great achievement. It also helps that it’s always run by a group of lovely lovely ladies and the food is TO DIE FOR. This wedding had a fully vegan menu and it was just divine! Flowers were by Swallows and Damsons and they did not fail to deliver the most perfect bouquet you have ever seen.

I started out at Amanda + Eoin’s house where we had a little mini shoot with their AMAZING dogs. I fell in love, and the fact that they rescued one from South Korea was just great.

At The Chimney House it was actually their first legal ceremony and it ran incredibly smoothly and I absolutely loved how they decorated the room. We went for our little photo shoot around Kelham Island and found some of the best backgrounds to match with Amanda and Eoin’s INCREDIBLE outfits.

I think before I run out of adjectives that I can put into capitals I will shut up and let you see it all for yourselves.