Pippa + Luis | Urban Warehouse Wedding at The Holt, Sheffield

Sheffield Urban Warehouse Wedding The Holt Sheffield Botanical Gardens

The Holt in Sheffield is basically one of my all time favourite venues, when they were a cafe it was just the most perfect place but I comPLETELY understand their reasons for closing their doors as a cafe and using it just as an events space. However I really do miss their soups and cakes. Anyway, so when this enquiry came through for The Holt I was super excited and really looking forward to doing a wedding in the space. Then I met Pippa and Luis, and then I was just excited for every single aspect of the day, all I ever want in life are laid back couples who see their wedding day as a day to have fun and celebrate the love around them. These guys did just that!

It was such a fun day! Everyone was so welcoming to me being there and I felt like one of the gang instantly which was just perfect really. The ceremony was super sweet and lovely, I’m not sure Pippa could have physically grinned any wider. They were a dream to photograph in The Botanical Gardens, basically just 2 giddy school kids completely in love with each other. And then there was Torva. Oh Torva. What a gal, seriously her pout is better than any fake silicone pout I’ve ever seen!

People kept asking whether it was scary to photograph another wedding photographers day and I just kept on saying no, I hadn’t actually given it any thought really, Luis wanted me there for a reason so I just turned up and did my job. However the fear did kick in slightly when I was editing but there was no need for that fear as I just adore these photos, I think they show just how much fun and happiness there was. I would kind of like to do it all again really.