Rebecca + Jimmy | Sheffield Botanical Gardens + Trafalgar Warehouse Wedding

Sheffield Botanical Gardens Wedding Photography

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Sheffield for just under 5 years and never done a wedding in the Botanical Gardens. I’ve been in them many times with brides, grooms, families and on personal visits too, but never to do an actual real life wedding so it was about time! It really was glorious too, it was just as good as I imagined it to be. The weather has been a bit wild this year but we were totally blessed with beautiful sunshine for the day, I’m not sure what I’ve done right this year but so far so good with the weather on wedding days!

Rebecca, Jimmy and their family and friends are a really really silly bunch of people, I’m going to try and not use the word fun too much but they really were fun and the day was just really fun. I like silly and I like fun so I basically had one of the best days ever. Rebecca looked absolutely incredible in her Kate Beaumont dress and you honestly could not have wiped the smile off her face.

To contrast with the Botanical Gardens they had their reception at Trafalgar Warehouse with some delicious food by Percy and Lily’s who always know how to please me with a huge plate of halloumi and potatoes. Cheese and carbs are a quick way to my heart. The dance floor was pretty immense, between the light up shoes and a floor filled with people in fancy dress it’s safe to say it was a lot of FUN.