I absolutely love spending time with families, I tend to take you guys out somewhere either in the Peak District or somewhere in Sheffield and just snap you doing what you do! I’ve mastered the art of capturing the moments in between crying child, I know how to pull the silliest of faces to get a smile and I’m an excellent bear hunter. Natural is best when it comes to family shoots, I want to capture you guys exactly how you are and document it for you to hold onto forever. If you have a wee little one that you don’t feel comfortable taking outside and rolling around on the floor with yet then I can come to you! Getting some lovely cosy shots of you inside your own home is just as nice. Prices start from £80 for 30 minutes, £150 for an hour and half a day (4 hours) is £450. Because you deserve it and I’m a super nice human being, you will get all the edited images sent to you on a password protected album and you can just download them all and do what you want with them. Send me an email and let’s chat!