I get asked lots of questions in regards to me, my work, the packages, anything! So I’ve decided to put your minds at rest and answer some of the most commonly asked questions on here for you. If there are any that I’ve missed out and you want to know the answer to then please just ask me, questions don't scare me.


We hate having our photo taken.

Honestly, if I had a pound for every person who told me they hate having their picture taken and mention the Chandler Bing smile I would be rolling in it. I am there to make you feel relaxed and at ease, I want to make this as pain free as possible. I promise you will enjoy having photos taken by me. If you don't, I'll buy you a doughnut. But if you are feeling extra shy, then I would highly recommend booking a couple shoot as this gets you used to the camera, how I work and it gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit better. 

How long have you been doing this for?

I did Photography throughout college and did a degree in Photography. I graduated with a 2:1 back in 2010 and continued to do Photography recreationally doing a couple of weddings here and there. I then decided to take it seriously as a business and started Ellie Grace Photography in October 2014. 2018 will be my third full time wedding season and it’s growing incredibly each year, I'm beaming from ear to ear every single day! 

What equipment do you use?

I have 2 canons that I have on a fancy holster so that I'm not changing lenses all the time and that I can constantly be ready for any situation. I don’t have the biggest equipment list as it’s quality not quantity and I refuse to use a battery pack as I’m only little with small hands so any over load of equipment just makes me tired. So I keep lots of extra batteries tucked away in my pockets, it makes my life a lot easier.


Do we need to feed you? 

This is quite a common question but the answer is entirely dependant on you. I do need to eat and rest, it’s a very long day for me and I am human after all. So I use your dinner time as my opportunity to sit down, eat and rest for a while. And anyway, you don’t want pictures of your guests stuffing their faces. How I get fed doesn’t make any difference to me, I’ve had weddings where I’ve been made a place in the main dinner area, I’ve had a main meal paid for me but a seating area separate from the wedding for me to eat it and have some time to myself, I’ve had a tab set up behind the bar before, and I’ve also paid for my own lunch or brought my own sandwiches. So I guess it’s entirely up to you as a couple, I don’t expect anything but I am incredibly grateful if I do get something. As long as I get a chance to refuel then that’s all that matters. 

Do we pay for your travel? 

If we are within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield then the travel is included but any more than the 10 mile radius of Sheffield then I charge 45p per extra mile.

When will we receive our images? 

I like to say anytime between 4-8 weeks. If it’s going to be any more then communication is key and I will make sure you’re kept up to date. If you opt for a video too then you can expect your turn over to be a little bit longer but this is all in the contract.


How many photos do you take?

It can be anything between 200-1000, it generally depends on your day. If you have lots of things for me to photograph and opt for my biggest package then you will get lots and lots of photos. However, if you opt for the smaller package then you will of course have less. 

Is it just you on the day?

Yes! I work on my own, and you will only get me on the day. If there is a requirement for a second shooter I can get someone in who will be someone that I trust to do a good job and who is a similar style to me, this is an extra £300. If you opt for a video then the second shooter is automatically included in the price. 

How will our photos arrive?

You will get a lovely little USB through the post which will have all the edited images for you to do as you please with them. You will also have a private online album which will be password protected and this just makes sharing your wedding photos so much easier than sending out your USB!


Can we print our photos?

Absolutely! They are yours for you to do as you please with. Just don’t sell them! After all, photos are meant to be seen and shared.

 We're not having a traditional wedding. 

That’s fine, I don’t really consider myself as a traditional photographer at all. I’m there to document your day so just send me an email and we can discuss whatever it is you’re up to on your day. 

We're in! What next? 

Send me an email or ring me regarding your day and we can check the availability of your date. If it’s fine then let’s meet up and have a chat and get to know each other. At this meeting all I would require is a deposit and we can discuss everything further then.

So any more question? Do not hesitate to contact me!