So what can you expect from me?


I am there on your day to document everything that happens from the formal bits to the not so formal bits, yes that does mean if your drunk cousin falls over I will capture it. They will never forgive me but you will love me for it. 

I think it is so important to have a record of everything on your day. Not just the moments but all those little details that you've spent weeks and months organising and making sure your day looks perfect. It's a BUSY day, you will be having so much fun talking to people, eating, drinking, dancing that it's inevitable that you'll miss something. HOPEFULLY, if I'm fast enough, I won't miss it and I'll be able to get it, even if it means diving over a few guests to get there.


My style is incredibly natural and I am there to document everything in a very sneaky unobtrusive way. I have been likened to a ninja on more than one occasion. I've also developed some kind of fame for my lunging. 

This doesn't mean you won't hear from me though, I know when to shout and I know how to organise a great confetti shot, even with your friend who NEVER listens. I have probably been to more weddings than you have (this may not apply to you, maybe you're involved in the wedding industry, or maybe you're just ridiculously popular) therefore I know what's going on, I can help you if you're feeling anxious, I'll even tie bows on the back of dresses (I'm really good at bows).


When it comes to those controversial group shots, it doesn't make any difference to me if you want them or not, it's your day so you do what you want! My only input would be to keep them to a minimum and expect them to last no longer than 20 minutes. No one wants to spend hours and hours doing 10 different variations of one shot. Keep it to a minimum and then you have more time for the fun things.

If you have parents kids who simply will not behave, who cares! It's a story to tell at the end of the day, tickle them or leave them to have a strop, I always enjoy a group photo that is a true reflection of your family.


I like to let you enjoy your day as much as possible, I mean it's your wedding day after all! I will steal you away from it all at some point to get some lovely portraits of the two of you. This won't be for very long and at your pre-wedding consultation we can agree on a time so there are no surprises.

When we're off on our adventure it's always a really nice time for you two to have a breather away from all the hustle and bustle of your day. I'll probably be hiding in a bush  discretely snapping you from somewhere so it will feel like you're on your own.

I'll give you little or no direction at all during these shots as to me natural is key. I think it's best to capture you exactly how your are together. I simply refuse to make you do things you feel uncomfortable doing! Take a look at this little video of me at a real life wedding, I didn't even know this was being filmed (sneaky second shooter) so this is pretty much exactly what you should expect from me.

If you decide to go ahead and book me I think it is vital to have a consultation before your day. I think consultations are a very important part of the service I provide. It’s important for me to inspire you and have everything wellplanned in advance, so on the day all you need to do is relax and trust me.  

I think it is incredibly important to build a strong and friendly relationship with my clients. You don't want a stranger turning up on your day, you need someone you feel comfortable around, someone you trust, someone you can talk to, someone you feel confident with that will put Uncle Bob in his place.


One of the biggest compliments I get is when people ask me how I know the bride and groom. Of course I rarely actually know them but by the end of the day I love that I end being one of the guests rather than just the photographer, I love to make friends so what better place to do so!

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